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Why Coffee or Tea?

Coffee or Tea Creative was established in 2003 by Alan Tai and Ka Wing Leung. The purpose is to provide a platform for us to explore, practice and learn in this ever-changing digital world. We also implement our experience and skills to help businesses achieve their goals with the use of modern technologies. Coffee or Tea Creative is not a café. Our name reflects our belief that digital technology is nothing difficult and untouchable. When it combines with creativity, it gives meanings to everything in the world. It is as simple as we enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in our daily lives.

Our Belief

In Coffee or Tea Creative, we believe that every little thing in our life inspires us. They are the nutrients for our minds and creativity. We challenge ourselves to manipulate the latest technologies and wisely turn our ideas and concepts into actions. This drives us in the forefront of the new media industry. Life is what you make it! This is our core value.


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Please feel free to contact us to find out what we can be of help. We are more than happy to give you advice based on your needs and your goals. No obligation.